Books I love, The Daily Stoic

I've always been a voracious reader, for as long as I can remember, I have loved reading and being around books. Most of the women in my family are the same way. It's certainly not uncommon to have a book in your purse, a book in your car, a book on your bedside table... 

I found with my increased use of computers for school work as well as the influx of social media I wasn't reading as much and my mental health suffered for it. I found myself craving that quiet that comes from concentrated reading, where in learning new information you almost are able to quiet your mind.  Historically I was not normally a  non-fiction reader, more so the rom-com/chick lit variety but lately I have been craving knowledge and information from different viewpoints. 

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I find myself stealing whatever moments I can on the couch with a cup of coffee and Bones cuddled up by my side. I have been burning through books like they're going out of style lately.

The one that has stuck with me the most lately is, "The Daily Stoic" by Ryan Holiday, perhaps because I only read a page per day (and I am trying really really hard to not skip ahead) but I find myself frequently throughout the day, lost in thought, almost day dreaming about what I read in the morning. 

I first came across Stoicism in a podcast- and for a super super super dumbed down version, basically, people who follow the practice of stoicism believe/strive to believe that we cannot change the world around us only OUR reactions to the world around us. First defined by the Greeks in 300 BC the stoic virtues are all about the development of self-control and fortitude as a way of overcoming destructive emotions. Bascially, self help 300 BC style.

image via Pinterest 

image via Pinterest 

Sounds heavy I know... but stay with me here. "The Daily Stoic" breaks down the philosophies of the ancient Greeks into little bite-size daily doses that are just deep enough to get you thinking but not enough to overwhelm you. Holiday ( author of Growth Hacker Marketing, The Obstacle is the Way, Perennial Seller and many more of which can be found HERE) writes in an easy to comprehend style that is thought-provoking without being condescending. 

Today's meditation (October 24th) is in the chapter entitled Virtue and Kindness, was all about how we shouldn't be waiting for good news, good weather, good luck - but we should instead be looking for the good in ourselves. I would highly recommend picking up a copy and sticking it somewhere convenient - it seems these little lessons are finding me when I need them most. 


PS: there is also a companion journal to The Daily Stoic that I plan on picking up as I am already writing all over my current copy! You can pick that up here if you want to get it when you get your copy!