Holiday Gift Guide #4 - Beauty Gadgets!

Hey babes! This guide is all about gadgets... beauty gadgets that is! These are all items I have in my bathroom and use on a regular basis - you know I am all about trying things before I share them with you!

I thought this would be a great roundup for the beauty lover in your life, as it can often be hard to shop for makeup and products for someone else. We're picky about our brands, our shades of foundation and what we put on our faces aren't we? So here you have it... five gadgets for your beauty babe. 

Holiday Gift Guide #1.jpg

First up... this awesome make up brush drying rack. I first learned about this from my friend Lauren (check out her beauty blog while you're at it! and let me tell you, I am not sure how I lived with out it before. 


No more brushes on towels scattered around your counter. No more weird flat bristles from drying on their sides. Game. Changer. You can pick it up on Amazon for $8.99 HERE.  You probably want to pick one up for yourself as well... 

The next item is something you never knew you even needed, and then once you start using it you have no idea how you ever lived before. I was gifted this mascara guard by a friend and thought that it would be just another something I used a few times and got lost in a drawer. Oh how wrong I was. This simple curved mascara guard from Tweezerman helps keep your perfectly blended eyeshadow and your painstakingly applied concealer just how you want it. You can grab it for just $8.15 HERE.


You know that relaxing feeling when you get facial where the warm steam starts to cover your face and you just know you're going to leave there glowing? Why not give that gift to someone! Enter... the at home facial steamer. 

Facial Steamer $25.99

Facial Steamer $25.99

I think this is the single biggest improvement I have made to my skin over the last few months. I use this 2ish times per week after cleansing my face super well. I then tone and apply products. This is a great gift for someone looking to upgrade their at-home skincare routine, or perhaps someone that isn't able to get regular facials. You can pick this one up on Amazon for $25.99 HERE

Any guesses what this next product is? Nope not an ear thermometer... its a vacuum for your face! 


... ok stick with me here. A vacuum for your face. Yes, sounds insane. Yes, you look insane but... it totally works. They advertise this as a sort of at home microderm procedure, which it certainly is not quite the same. I have been using this for about 3 months now. I would highly recommend you start out with super light treatments and work your way up. I don't think this thing sucks out impurities quite like it says it does, but it is a wonderful exfoliation and has evened out my skin tone. You can pick this up on Amazon for $34.99

Last on the list, if you have followed me for any length of time you have seen a gazillion times. But, really its so amazing I knew it should be included here. There is a not a single person who wouldn't benefit from a facial ice roller. Get rid of those puffy under eye bags in an instant. Refresh that dull complexion and get rolling! You can grab it on Amazon for just $11.00 HERE

So there you have it! My favorite beauty gadgets right now. Do you have any gadgets I need to know about? Be sure to drop it in the comments below! Happy shopping! 



Holiday Gift Guide #3: The person who has everything!

Next installment on the holiday gift guide is for the hard to shop for person that has everything!  We all have that one person that is super hard to shop for, they might be really picky, you might not really know them that well, or maybe they just get themselves all the cool stuff and leave you with nothing!

Holiday Gift Guide #1 (2).jpg


Right off the bat the first thing that I think of to get "the person who has everything" is an experience. Groupon and Living Social type websites have tons and tons of voucher options that you can give as gifts. From escape rooms to culinary tours there is something for everyone! (This would also be a great option for a family gift, especially if you're on a budget!)

Who doesn't want to know where they come from?  I really think the 23andME DNA test, could make such a cool gift! Give someone the gift of knowing their ancestry. I know a few people who have done this and we’re so surprised by the results!  It takes about 6 weeks to get your results back and everything you need is included in the kit for $69.00!

Shop:   HERE

Shop: HERE


Next, I don’t think I know a single person who hasn’t misplaced their keys, purse, wallet… etc.… enter Tile Mate – these small tiles sync to an app on your phone (hopefully that’s not what you misplaced!) and using Bluetooth alters you to the location so you can find it fast!  You can pick what sound you want your Tile to make as well so that you can differentiate the rings! This would also be perfect for kids backpacks!

If you’ve misplaced your phone you simply push the button on one of your Tile’s and your phone will ring instantly! They come in singles for $24.99 or a 4 pack for $69.99.

Shop:   HERE

Shop: HERE


My family loves table topics, and have really enjoyed the conversations that have come from these cards, especially during the holidays. These cards would suit just about anyone on the list. Perfect for your neighbor or co-worker you don’t really know that well! The box is full of conversation starting cards and comes in tons of different versions now! My personal favorite is the original and “not your mom's dinner party!. These run $25.00 per set.

Shop:   HERE

Shop: HERE

Next idea is a little out of the box, but I personally have done this on many occasions and it has always been amazingly well received... make a donation in their name. For a friends birthday, I sponsored a bat at a bat sanctuary for a year, (she's a bat lover obviously!) and she totally loved it. I think this would be a wonderfully thoughtful gift, and super appropriate for the person that already has everything! 


I hope this guide gets you off to a good start for that hard to shop for person! Or even makes you think about gift giving in a different way! 

Whats the best gift you've ever received? Drop it in the comments below!