Four fab to follow - "The Creatives"

I had such a wonderful response to last weeks "Four fabulous ladies to follow this Friday" post I decided to try and make it a semi regular occurrence! This week features my favorite "creatives". 

I have to start with my one and only Heather Gallaher. I am lucky enough that Heather lets me pay her to take photos of me that I could only dream of looking like in real life. She is a mostly natural light photographer with the most beautiful ascetic! I first met Heather through my amazing friend Mandi. Heather shot Dom and my engagement photos at the fair, I knew she was awesome when she didn't run screaming when I suggested it. She has pretty much taken every photo I've liked of myself in the last 5 years, including my wedding photos and tons and tons of new blog content that will be coming your way in the very near future! 

You can find Heather on her website here: Facebook here: Insta here: 


Next up is bad ass graphic designer and creator of this very pretty blog you are currently reading, Ms. Shawna Poliziani. She is also the one who created my logo which I love love love. Shawna is part therapist, part creative and I would highly recommend her if you are looking to take yourself to the next level online. She offers branding courses, design packages and a killer personality (just don't hold her terrible taste in music against her)! You can find her online at: & on Insta at:

I am not so low-key obsessed with turquoise and vintage jewelry, it makes me feel powerful and grounded at the same time. One of my favorites is a local jeweler Little Hobo Bird, the owner Sandra has some of the coolest style I have ever seen, and her original pieces are amazing. Additionally she repairs older pieces, including restringing my amazing squash blossom I rarely take off. You can shop online at: and follow her on Insta at:

Rounding out 4th this week is my most amazing new friend and total boss babe Michelle, of Vintage Boho Loves Louis - maker of my fringe St. Cloud bag and the bucket bag I have been carrying everywhere. Not only is she like the nicest human ever - she is taking preloved LV bags and making them into the most fabulous creations ever. She has quickly grown and now has a team of 6! She does custom bags, has some ready to ship on her site as well as you can send her your old tired bag (or brand new bag that needs more personality) and she and her team will fix it right up! You can follow them on Insta:(highly recommended for flash sales)  and purchase direct on their website as well :