So fresh and so clean clean... my house that is!

So I decided this year I wasn’t going to make any resolutions, I was instead going to focus on living my best life. I know a bit Oprah of me but… I feel like that encourages me to do little things to improve the big things daily and not focus on falling off the… make your bed every day, work out 6 times per week, do laundry on Tuesdays and Saturdays, don’t eat dairy wagon.

The first thing that I thought I should tackle and improve on was keeping a clean house.  Having a clean and organized home is something that is really important to me. I find that when I feel off or stressed generally my space is as well. My goal is to keep the house in order so that I have one less stressor!

I was super excited when a friend who sells Norwex reached out and offered to send me a few products to try out. You may have seen them on Facebook or been to a party where someone is selling them. They're a multi-level marketing company and I was skeptical, as unfortunately, I am about most of them.  But hey, never hurts to try right?

Amber sent me their “basic home package” which comes with the enviro cloth that they're best known for, a window cloth and 3 face and body cloths. I had heard other people talk about the “magic cleaning” properties of the enviro cloth and I honestly wasn’t sure that it would hold up to the task, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing I used was window cloth and wiped down all the silver and glasses I used for Christmas dinner! I was able to easily remove the water spots - this normally takes me HOURS!!! 

(Grey = Enviro Cloth, Purple = Window Cloth, Multi = Make Up Remover) 

 I put the Enviro Cloth up against what I normally use a magic eraser for… the door handle and jam leading from my make up vanity to our bathroom. I seem to always have makeup smudges on the white door. I got the cloth slightly damp like the instructions recommend and honestly, it worked better than the magic eraser and didn’t leave behind any residue.

 If you know me you know that I’m not a huge cleaner… I have a housekeeper and my husband thank goodness seems to enjoy it… but I got so much satisfaction from how well this thing was working I quickly started on a bunch of other surfaces.

According to their website, the cloth removes dust, dirt, and grease from all washable surfaces using only water. The cloth is naturally antibacterial using silver threads (I actually already knew about the use of silvers antimicrobial/antibacterial properties from using it on the horses).

If you saw my instastories (@bubblesandbones) from New Year's Eve you saw the Window Cloth it in action! It totally removed all the water spots on my bathroom mirror and left it streak free in like 2 seconds.  I have been keeping this one upstairs and wiping down all the glass and shiny surfaces in my bathroom daily, I am for sure a convert when it comes to this one!

I tended to avoid this because it meant I had to clean off the counter of all my products and makeup brushes because I didn’t want windex on them!

The last thing that I got to try was the makeup remover cloths… and while they worked great, they're honestly not my thing. I don’t usually “wash” my face I use things like micellar water – but I am totally keeping one in the shower.

Amber has provided a link for you guys to shop if you're interested as well as some care tips for the cloths! I think I am going to look into some of their floor products because as much as I haaaaaaaaaaaad to have my dark hardwood floors they're a total bitch to keep clean!

Click here to shop directly with Amber! 

You can also reach out to Amber with any questions or concerns on her Facebook page:


Overall I was super impressed with how everything worked how they said it would, and additionally, I am totally excited that I don't don’t to spray chemicals everywhere to get the job done.

So tell me... whats your best cleaning hack? 



* I recieved these prodcuts for free in exchange for my review* 

My latest candle obsession

I'm the first to admit that I might have a slight obsession with candles... 


Like... they are on almost every surface of my home- coffee tables, bathrooms, closets, I may have even snuck one into the garage at one point...

One of my must-haves with candles is, first - does it fit with my decor?  Because usually without fail the scent I enjoy comes in some ridiculous hot pink and brown tin with sparkles and completely clashes with my neutral table scape or something of that nature. 

Or second... Dom, my husband hates the smell of it and tells me that the entire house smells like when we were teenagers and overdosed on bath and body works body spray. So you'd imagine my delight when the sweet Michelle, of Abboo Candle Co., offered to send me one of her beautiful creations to try out. The shipping ridiculously fast, she even sent Bones his own dog treat (which he proceeded to get off the dining room table and enjoy by himself when we were out to dinner).


You guys, not only did this candle perfectly fit with my cute little fall tablescape - it smells freaking amazing - we tried out the Tobacco and Carmel scent, I was a bit worried it would be too masculine but it's not at all - its a warm inviting and not overpowering smell. We have been taking it room to room with us because BOTH Dom and I love how it smelled.

Michelle is super awesome and has provided a promo code for 20% off through the end of the month for all my readers. Just use the code BONES20 at check out! 


I'm about to place an order for some of her limited edition fall scents as well as a lavender and lemon which I think will be a nice neutral for in my office. 

You can find Abboo Candle Co online at (be sure to read the sweet story about how the name came to be) as well as on Instagram @abboocandleco and!

You guys know how much I love supporting small businesses, especially those run by awesome female boss babes - and Michelle's company is a perfect example of that! I love that her slogan is hand poured and heart filled - you can totally tell the love and details that go into each creation! 

Don't forget to use your code BONES20 for 20% off your whole order - which makes tons of her creations like 10 bucks, you cannot beat that for a hand made in the USA soy candle. 

(In full disclosure, I received my candle for free in exchange for a review, but truly am a fan of this product and am going to purchase more - right now!)