Lets talk home screens!

I cant think of a more personal thing today then our cell phone home screens! I mean you carry it with you at all times, you're probably the only one that uses it, and you look at approximately 9 million times per day. Why not make your's something that brings you joy each time you look at it? 


Enter my personal home screen...

image1 (5).png

I get it... it's not for everyone. We all know there are two very very different types of cell phone users. Are you a right or a left kind of person? If you are more of the 989084577 notification variety, this probably isn't your style! 

Image via: https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/two-kinds-of-people-illustrations/

Image via: https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/two-kinds-of-people-illustrations/

My husband thinks I am crazy for doing this, but he is also the guy who has pizza delivery apps under "productivity" (I guess he's kind of right). But so many people who have seen my phone have squealed with delight!

I cannot take solo credit for this beauty, after first discovering color-coded folders thanks to The Home Edit - I quickly became completely obsessed! Now, it does take some getting used to I will 100% admit to that. However, I do find myself using my phone (I hope!) more efficiently. I use the search bar, I use Siri - and after a bit, you just know by instinct where everything is... 

If you're interested in doing this - set aside a good 30 minutes - I happened to do mine during a crazy bout of insomnia at about 2am. Start by sorting like by like, just group reds with reds, blues with blues etc.

Depending on the number of apps you have you can get really specific with your rainbow of folders. I decided to have multiple pages of each color in one folder, but I have seen some screens where people extend the whole screen of the phone with folders. Then just pick your favorite emojis and viola -a home screen full of eye candy! 

I kept my messages out since I am using them all day long - as well the phone (because thats what we're actually supposed to use these things for right?), email, safari and pandora for quick selection. 

I would love to know how everyone else organizes their phones - are you a notification clearer or are you 578764987 unread messages from 8th grade kind of person? 

Tell me in the comments below!