Amazon Echo & Alexa Review!

I am usually a late adopter, a marketing term for the type of person that is going to purchase a product after its proven and experienced by the early adopters. Call me a skeptic, call me whatever but until I get my hands on it or someone I know has their hands on it I tend to avoid it... 

Insert the Amazon Alexa - I thought it was intrusive and weird. I didn't want something listening to me, and I should note, I still don't, I have one in a room that is way less likely to listen to my convos then other places. 

I finally got one, today. And since - I've ordered groceries, played my favorite tunes, and had the weather read to me... wtf was I doing without one? For real? 

So far so good on Miss Alexa - what was I waiting for? I went with the Echo which is currently on sale  for $85.00 and is just as good of a speaker as my Sonos has been (approx 200 and works similarly but only music from an app)  to add to my new home office!

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What is something you avoided but you can't live without now? Leave it in the comments below!