Amazon Echo & Alexa Review!

I am usually a late adopter, a marketing term for the type of person that is going to purchase a product after its proven and experienced by the early adopters. Call me a skeptic, call me whatever but until I get my hands on it or someone I know has their hands on it I tend to avoid it... 

Insert the Amazon Alexa - I thought it was intrusive and weird. I didn't want something listening to me, and I should note, I still don't, I have one in a room that is way less likely to listen to my convos then other places. 

I finally got one, today. And since - I've ordered groceries, played my favorite tunes, and had the weather read to me... wtf was I doing without one? For real? 

So far so good on Miss Alexa - what was I waiting for? I went with the Echo which is currently on sale  for $85.00 and is just as good of a speaker as my Sonos has been (approx 200 and works similarly but only music from an app)  to add to my new home office!

To buy yours click here:


What is something you avoided but you can't live without now? Leave it in the comments below! 



Amazon beauty tool favorites!

Hey babes! 

Sorry for the delay - this post has been a few days coming! Bones and I have been busy rounding up our favorite beauty tools and devices that you can grab on Amazon prime! You can shop them on the links below or directly on my Amazon Influencer page! 

Stephanie-Final Collection-0018 (1).jpg

The first thing is something a little different... razors for your face! Yep, I've been doing an at home version of dermaplaning (using a blade to remove that baby hair and also... the best part dead skin - eww!). I am totally hooked, not only is my skin continuously glowy from exfoliation, my make up goes on smoother and better. This takes some getting used to doing, I would highly suggest watching some youtube tutorials before going down this route - but once you do I promise you'll never look back! I use the Tinkle razors and you can grab a 6 pack for under 5 bucks! 

Next up is this amazing brush rack that speaks for itself!, I've written about this before on some of my gift guides, because its just that good.  My friend Lauren first showed this to me and it totally makes cleaning your brushes a dream. Goodbye days of messed up and squished brushes! You can grab this for under $10! 

Who doesn't need a fabulous mirror with lights! You guys. Prepare yourselves before you look in a mirror with magnification - sometimes its a little scary. But this mirror is awesome because it folds up for easy countertop storage and is a great size for tweezing your eyebrows, dermaplaning or just applying makeup in general! This one also comes in a pretty rose gold color! You can grab this one for under $30. 

These double-ended tweezers are the thing you never thought you needed - they are so functional and practical - I love them. They're a little funky to get used to using but I love having one tool that can serve a few purposes. I got a different brand in an ipsy bag originally but replaced them with these! Having a sharp and a slant edge in one is awesome (also great for travel!) - they're under $10 so way cheaper than the "name" brand tweezers too! 

Last but certainly not least... a dedicated pair of scissors for your eyelash strips! I used to keep just a random pair in my drawer but got grossed out at the idea of using the same ones for something I put on my eyes as scissors I used to cut off tags, open packages etc. I now keep a pair just like this dedicated to my false eyelashes! I love the pink handle - so you can tell what they are for. The small size is great too for those precise cuts! These will set you back $6! 

What are some of your favorite beauty tools or hacks? Leave me some in the comments below! 



Casual Valentines Day Looks & Day Dates!

I always like the idea of planning something lavish for Valentines Day, but then the reality of the day sinks in... its a weeknight, everywhere is crowded, flowers are 10times the price and you're kind of over it... well at least that's how it is in our house. Now don't get me wrong, my husband pulls out lavish romantic gestures on the regular. But Valentine's Day just isnt our thing. 


This weekend we decided to take a little day date and have a nice relaxing lunch at one of our favorites and then wander around downtown Carlsbad. The date was rounded out with a super romantic time at the bar, the genius bar that is. My phone sadly decided it no longer wanted to play and therefore for Valentines Day I became the proud new owner of the iPhone 8+. (Hey at least its something gold right?!?) 

Anyway... Day dates are some of our favorites. They can be spontaneous or they can be planned out. They are awesome for when you're on a bit of a budget,  and I would imagine easier to ditch the kids. 

My top 5 Daytime Dates!

1. Outdoor brunch/lunch followed by a stroll around town. This is an awesome way to explore a new part or neighborhood in your city! 

2. Take a class together! Many local cooking stores (we love Sur La Table!) offer cooking classes, your local community college or community center should also have tons of options! 

3. Do a little DIY! Have a project at home you guys have been putting off? Crank your favorite tunes, open a bottle of wine and get that bathroom painted. Change your mindset and make it fun. 

4. Museums/Aquariums - we happen to live in a city full of beautiful options, if you dont, dont worry! A local art gallery or music store can easily do the trick! 

5. Take a drive and point out all the fun places you've been together. Even better? Let the passenger control the radio and make a playlist of your love story! 

We found the most amazing new donut shop on State Street in Carlsbad - called "The Goods" be sure to stop in and grab some if you're around. We took these home and had them for dessert after a dinner party! They even have vegan options on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

We found the most amazing new donut shop on State Street in Carlsbad - called "The Goods" be sure to stop in and grab some if you're around. We took these home and had them for dessert after a dinner party! They even have vegan options on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Just because you're heading out during the day doesn't mean you cant dress the part! I've rounded up my favorite casual valentines day looks including this fun LOVE top I wore on Saturday!

A cute graphic t-shirt and some comfy jeans are the perfect combo for your casual and fun day! The best part? They're all under $20 & ship on prime so you'll have them in no time! 

Head on over to my Amazon List to shop my picks - let me know your favorites! Click HERE to shop!