Its been a while! My newest must have travel items!

Hi Friends! 

I am so sorry I have been MIA for a bit, I was hit with a nasty bug and then we took a couple fabulous trips back to back! Now that we're settled back in I promise to get back to our regularly scheduled programming! 

I wanted to jump on quickly and share a couple random things I have loving lately while traveling. 

First up - with tons of airline travel recently I never realized what a difference good headphones made. Oh how much I was missing out on! I enjoyed three in-flight movies, a few podcasts, and a few albums while I read all while blocking out the terrible airline noise and without hurting my little ears! I have the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Rose Gold, and while a bit of investment at $219.99 I cant imagine traveling without them. 

Next up - these fabulous tennies that I never want to take off! I knew with all the walking we would be doing I needed something supportive and comfortable but I also wanted something that would be cute! I am pretty loyal to my Chuck Taylors but... my feet aren't what they used to be!

I found these New Balance "Fule Core NERGIZE" in light grey and thought they would be perfect. They come in a ton of colors, I am thinking of picking up the light purple next for spring! Or maybe the mint... or the navy... At $65.00 you dont have to feel guilty about grabbing a couple pairs! 

Lastly, this awesome lotion/moisturizer all in one. This "body stick" was awesome to travel with - I didn't have to worry about lotion leaking in my bag. It was TSA approved and worked like a champ. ITs a mix of coconut, olive oil and vitamin E in a deodorant-like stick. Perfect to rub on your hands and elbows on a long flight (I even put it around my eyes!). I will for sure be keeping one of these in my carry on moving forward! 

What are some of your favorite things to travel with? Drop them in the comments below! 


As always you can find these things in my Amazon store for easy shopping! Just head to to check out these and some of my other favorites! 

Professional teeth whitening without leaving home? Sign me up!

I once heard that a smile speaks all languages and have always loved that sentiment. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what language you speak – your smile can speak to anyone!

Being in front of the camera can be difficult and has certainly made me more self-aware about a lot of things since beginning this blogging adventure! One of which was my smile – I am a big coffee drinker and I noticed that my smile wasn’t as bright or white as I wanted it to be! I had done several at home options including the messy strips and walking around with a weird light in my mouth. Nothing seemed to really give me the boost I was looking for.

It seems that yet again something found me right when I needed it. Smile Brilliant reached out to me and I was instantly intrigued! You mean I could have a completely custom and professional teeth whitening kit without leaving my house? Sign. Me. Up.  You guys know that I am always honest with you for my reviews, and while I received this kit for free the opinions expressed are completely my own, and authentic!

smile 3.jpg

I was eager to get started with the process and was excited that my impression kit arrived super-fast – after doing a quick questionnaire about my teeth and history they shipped it right out. The kit arrived with everything I needed to do to make my impressions and also came with a pre-addressed and prepaid envelope to send them back to the lab (did I mention you also get cool email updates during the whole process?) I tracked those babies like my life depended on it!  Dom helped me make my impressions – I would highly recommend you have someone there to help you – even if it’s just to pass you a paper towel. He also thought it was hilarious that I couldn’t talk for a few minutes… married life.

My trays arrived after about a week and I got started whitening right away, I don’t think I even I bothered to put my purse down before I opened the package! They come in a little case that is perfect to travel with or pop in your purse (I loved to whiten on the way to work in the mornings!).

I was really worried about sensitivity but Smile Brilliant has literally thought of everything. Not only is their customer service a wealth of information, your kit comes with tons of information and instructions. I felt comfortable during the entire process and saw results within 3 treatments. Your kit comes with syringes of whitener and syringes of desensitizing gel for you to use after your treatments. Each syringe lasts 3-4 treatments. The trays are totally clear and barely noticeable when in (I may or may not have attended a few meetings with them in).  I loved the portability and ease of use that came with this product.

I couldn’t wait for this blog to come out and have been telling everyone I know about it and making them look at my before pictures and then smiling like a crazy person at them!   


I am now a few weeks into the treatment and still seeing positive results. You can see from my before and after photos (that I am so glad I took!) what a difference that I’ve already experienced. I have had NO sensitivity to my teeth or gums, something I certainly cannot say about my previous teeth whitening adventures!

I am so excited to be able to partner on GIVEAWAY for a free whitening kit! EVERYONE, you must enter!

Simply click the link below to enter! Winner will be picked by February 21st.

Don't want to wait for the giveaway (I wouldn't blame you!) use my code bubblesandbones15 for 15% off your purchase! 

Happy whitening! And don’t forget to #smilefearlessly



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Amazon beauty tool favorites!

Hey babes! 

Sorry for the delay - this post has been a few days coming! Bones and I have been busy rounding up our favorite beauty tools and devices that you can grab on Amazon prime! You can shop them on the links below or directly on my Amazon Influencer page! 

Stephanie-Final Collection-0018 (1).jpg

The first thing is something a little different... razors for your face! Yep, I've been doing an at home version of dermaplaning (using a blade to remove that baby hair and also... the best part dead skin - eww!). I am totally hooked, not only is my skin continuously glowy from exfoliation, my make up goes on smoother and better. This takes some getting used to doing, I would highly suggest watching some youtube tutorials before going down this route - but once you do I promise you'll never look back! I use the Tinkle razors and you can grab a 6 pack for under 5 bucks! 

Next up is this amazing brush rack that speaks for itself!, I've written about this before on some of my gift guides, because its just that good.  My friend Lauren first showed this to me and it totally makes cleaning your brushes a dream. Goodbye days of messed up and squished brushes! You can grab this for under $10! 

Who doesn't need a fabulous mirror with lights! You guys. Prepare yourselves before you look in a mirror with magnification - sometimes its a little scary. But this mirror is awesome because it folds up for easy countertop storage and is a great size for tweezing your eyebrows, dermaplaning or just applying makeup in general! This one also comes in a pretty rose gold color! You can grab this one for under $30. 

These double-ended tweezers are the thing you never thought you needed - they are so functional and practical - I love them. They're a little funky to get used to using but I love having one tool that can serve a few purposes. I got a different brand in an ipsy bag originally but replaced them with these! Having a sharp and a slant edge in one is awesome (also great for travel!) - they're under $10 so way cheaper than the "name" brand tweezers too! 

Last but certainly not least... a dedicated pair of scissors for your eyelash strips! I used to keep just a random pair in my drawer but got grossed out at the idea of using the same ones for something I put on my eyes as scissors I used to cut off tags, open packages etc. I now keep a pair just like this dedicated to my false eyelashes! I love the pink handle - so you can tell what they are for. The small size is great too for those precise cuts! These will set you back $6! 

What are some of your favorite beauty tools or hacks? Leave me some in the comments below! 



Belif Skincare - Moisture Bomb Review (Eye & Face)

We all know that skincare can be a daunting task, there are so many lotions, potions, serums, masks etc I often don't know where to start. I also feel that it usually takes a few weeks of using a product to know if it's going to make a difference or not. That, first and foremost is why I am writing this review after only a couple uses.  

Before I get too far into this blog - I want to be sure and mention that I received these products for free in exchange for my review on, and there alone... that being said... I really enjoyed them so much I wanted to be sure and spread the word with everyone.( I also just spent another $150 ordering different products from their line... I mean... Dom, these were free too when they show up... )

So what are we talking about here? We're talking about Moisture Bombs by belif -believe in truth a Korean beauty brand with an impressive line of skincare and cosmetics. You can find their line of products at retailers like sephora or online via Amazon. 


I have pretty normal skin. I'm not overly oily or dry (except in the winter) so I am hesitant to buy all new products just for a season (stupid I know) so I was delighted to see that these products were called "moisture bombs". 

My first impression was that I was initially impressed with the packaging. I have been known to not use a product because it doesn't work with my bathroom aesthetics, yes I am that crazy.  The pretty packaging makes these products feel special. Upon further investigation, I again was not disappointed. 

I opened the Belif Moisture Eye Bomb - ($48, currently exclusive in the US to Sephora). The thick cream has a pleasant yet not overpowering scent. Important for me especially around my eyes. Their claim is that the eye cream provides a "26-hour burst of moisture" - while I'm not sure that I felt like I had fresh product on, I did wake up with pretty darn good looking skin around my eyes! It definately held its moisture, and the skin around my eyes was much much less crepe-y when I applied concealer. 


I also used The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb ($33) all over my face and thought it worked nicely. This might be a little too thick for me to use twice a day so I think I will continue to use this, but only as a night moisturizer.  It is not greasy per say, but you can certainly tell its on your skin. If you like more dewy look then this is for sure the moisturizer for you. Again, it was lightly scented but nothing identifiable, just enough to smell fresh. 

Overall I was more impressed with these two products than anything new I have tried in a while. I am excited to get the masks I ordered (I mean... oops sorry Dom!) and will update you once I've tried them! 

Also, after doing a bit of research found out that this brand is a total cult favorite, even making PopSugars list this fall. I keep hearing all about K- Beauty (Korean Beauty) but have not yet tried any until now. So tell me... do you have any other K-Beauty musts?!?!