Its been a while! My newest must have travel items!

Hi Friends! 

I am so sorry I have been MIA for a bit, I was hit with a nasty bug and then we took a couple fabulous trips back to back! Now that we're settled back in I promise to get back to our regularly scheduled programming! 

I wanted to jump on quickly and share a couple random things I have loving lately while traveling. 

First up - with tons of airline travel recently I never realized what a difference good headphones made. Oh how much I was missing out on! I enjoyed three in-flight movies, a few podcasts, and a few albums while I read all while blocking out the terrible airline noise and without hurting my little ears! I have the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Rose Gold, and while a bit of investment at $219.99 I cant imagine traveling without them. 

Next up - these fabulous tennies that I never want to take off! I knew with all the walking we would be doing I needed something supportive and comfortable but I also wanted something that would be cute! I am pretty loyal to my Chuck Taylors but... my feet aren't what they used to be!

I found these New Balance "Fule Core NERGIZE" in light grey and thought they would be perfect. They come in a ton of colors, I am thinking of picking up the light purple next for spring! Or maybe the mint... or the navy... At $65.00 you dont have to feel guilty about grabbing a couple pairs! 

Lastly, this awesome lotion/moisturizer all in one. This "body stick" was awesome to travel with - I didn't have to worry about lotion leaking in my bag. It was TSA approved and worked like a champ. ITs a mix of coconut, olive oil and vitamin E in a deodorant-like stick. Perfect to rub on your hands and elbows on a long flight (I even put it around my eyes!). I will for sure be keeping one of these in my carry on moving forward! 

What are some of your favorite things to travel with? Drop them in the comments below! 


As always you can find these things in my Amazon store for easy shopping! Just head to to check out these and some of my other favorites! 

Holiday Gift Guide #2 - The Traveler!

Holiday gift guide #2 – The Traveler

Holiday Gift Guide #1 (1).jpg

I hope you all loved the first installment of the Holiday Gift Guide (The Girl on the Go!) – seems like everyone did! For our next edition, I thought I would focus on our friend or family member that seems to always be in a different city or on an airplane! We all know that person that is constantly living out of a suitcase, so why not get them something special that lets them know you’re thinking about them even when they are miles away!

My biggest struggle with travel is staying organized – but the last couple of trips I have taken have been night and day compared to the “hotel room destroyer” of previous trips. I seriously upgraded my travel game with a few new things (that I’m totally including here!).

The biggest change I made was new luggage! And while luggage can be a pretty personal decision- so far everyone I know that has them, totally loves hard-sided suitcases! I got a pretty inexpensive set on Amazon, (mostly because I couldn’t make a color decision) And I was really impressed with the quality, I've checked them several times and they're holding up great.  (To purchase mine click HERE.) There are gazillions of chic options now on the interwebs. I love the different textures and colors that Calpak offers – you can get lost on their website for hours dreaming of the airport photoshoots you can have with them!

I love the rose gold color of these, this is the Ambeur 2 piece set which sells for $285



Next up… packing cubes! These, like the hard sided luggage, take a little to get used to but have totally elevated my travel game! It really helps keep me organized as well as plan outfits while traveling. When using the hard sided suitcases you can’t just flip your bag open like a normal suitcase and dig around so these are vital! Pick her up a set with a cute print to brighten her day when she's packing!

I divide mine up by clothing type, makes unpacking a breeze and helps to stop me from overpacking when you see all 6 pairs of jeans in one spot for a weekend trip!  To purchase click HERE.

On the same theme of packing cubes, help her keep all that tech stuff organized! How cute are these cases?!?? I went ahead and got a second set of chargers that I keep in a little pouch like this – SO. MUCH. EASIER.  To purchase click HERE.

We all know that airplanes can destroy our skin, this rose water mist from Roses and Rose (an awesome local female owned company!) will help keep you glowy when on the go. It’s perfect for a little refresh as well as under all your serums and moisturizers for a little extra hydration.  To purchase click HERE - and the best part? They're offering my readers a 15% off with the code HOLIDAY15 - time to stock up! 

No one wants to look like a wrinkled mess when they get to their fabulous destination – this lightweight steamer is the perfect addition to your fashionistas bag!  To purchase click HERE.


And there you have it! I hope that you're enjoying these guides. Feel free to drop any questions in the comments below and suggestions for our next guide! 



Hey Chicago, what do you say?

Chicago has always held a very special place in my heart. The people are friendly, the food is amazing, the shopping is even better - so imagine my delight when Ali & Michael surprised Dom and me with a fabulous birthday trip! 

We NEVER have any fun together, cab ride to RMP Italian. 

We NEVER have any fun together, cab ride to RMP Italian. 

We stayed at the Peninsula Chicago, which in my opinion is without a doubt one of the most fabulous hotels in the world. The service is without comparison and the hotel has thought of absolutely everything (why doesn't ever bedside table have a charging station?!?) 


I'd like to thank my husband for packing coordinating clothes so that our closet looked pretty darn pinterest perfect! 


We were surprised with custom robes with our names on them! A wonderful touch to remind us of such a special trip! 


All of the rooms have this elegant yet comfortable feel to them, they are functional yet inviting. 

We arrived Friday afternoon and unpacked quickly before heading out to explore the city. Friday night we took an amazing architectural boat tour of the city with spectacular views from the river! 

Approaching the LaSalle Street bridge, just missing that one S! 

Approaching the LaSalle Street bridge, just missing that one S! 

Saturday we did some shopping and grabbed a bite to eat before heading to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs!

When we got to Wrigley Field I had the opportunity to meet, for the first time in person, the amazing Melanie of (@mellycoy on insta) who you have seen me write about before. Melanie, her husband, Dom, Ali and I met up at the famous cubby bear before the game started and it was like we had been friends forever! 

Michael's crew was in town that day and it was so fun to watch him on the field and share that experience with everyone (I think Dom is a Cubs fan for life). Wrigley Field is unexplainable,  if you've never been there add it to the bucket list no matter who your home team is, the fans are amazing and the energy is contagious! Being on the field after the game in a quiet ballpark is a privilege I've had many times but Wrigley is something special. 

Saturday night we went to my favorite, Smith & Wollensky's and we had this massive ribeye that we probably could have split four ways instead of two! 

Sunday Dom and I took off on our own and I was able to show him some of my favorite sites of the city including Millenium Park, the bean and some of the museums. We both love museums so we will definitely have to set aside more time next time we are back. 

For our last dinner, we headed to RPM Italian which I was eagerly anticipating and it did not disappoint! I enjoyed the gnocchi and a fabulous salted caramel mini ice cream for dessert! 

And of course I had to stop and take a picture with the guys of Chicago Fire! 

Travel always inspires me and it was a wonderful reminder to get out of my daily routine rut that I have been in lately. I know this post was pretty picture heavy but hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our trip! 

I'd love to know you favorite city to travel to, or any Chicago tips you might have - we can't wait to go back! 



Turning 30... birthday recap!

As a general rule, I hate my birthday. Expectations, commitments, all the emotions just have never made me feel super celebratory. It's never had anytihng to do with a number, I am actually really looking forward to getting older. My husband likes to joke that I am actually an 85 year old woman in hiding.

I love OTHER peoples birthdays, gift giving, planning parties etc but when its come to my own I feel awkward and undeserving. This year my family, friends and especially my husband changed all that. I had THE most fabulous 30th birthday I think possible. 

Not only was I showered with gifts and experiences - but I was showered with love, and time, and the most beautiful cards filled with words that make me cry just thinking about them. 

On Friday, Dom and I checked in to the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe for a weekend staycation, we spent the afternoon wandering around the property, drinking wine and indulging on the most amazing cheeseboard I may or may not have ordered it 2 more times over the weekend. If you have been reading for a while you know how ridiculous we are about our dog child Bones, so it should be of no surprise that he came on the weekend with us. 


Saturday morning we had a lovely breakfast on the terrace at Morada, the resturant at the Inn and then hit the spa! Dom hadn't ever really been to a spa of this type and thoroughly enjoyed himself! 


Saturday night my husband put together the most awesome dinner with some of my closest friends! Everyone (I think!) had a great time, the food was excellent and the company was even better! 

If youfind yourself at the Inn - make sure you stop into the ladies bathroom in the main lobby. Its been a favorite of mine for years, it has THE best selfie mirror and lighting. I made all my girls come to the bathroom so we could get a group picture, and I'm not sorry for it! 


A huge thank you to everyone who celebrated, I am thoroughly enjoying being 30 and looking forward to this new chapter in my life! 

Tonight we're heading to yet another birthday dinner (the party isnt stopping anytime soon!) with my family and then this weekend we head off to Chicago for more adventure! 

If you're not following me on instagram, I would highly suggest you do so before this weekend, I tend to be waymore active on stories etc when traveling and love taking you along with me! You can find me @bubblesandbones. 


PS: Dom got a new camera for his birthday (just a few days before mine! - sorry I stole the show this year babe!) and that's why you see all these awesome photos on this post. I am so excited that he has taken an interest in both my blog, and also upping our photo game!

We settled on the Sony a5100 and you can find more info on it here: