Amazon beauty tool favorites!

Hey babes! 

Sorry for the delay - this post has been a few days coming! Bones and I have been busy rounding up our favorite beauty tools and devices that you can grab on Amazon prime! You can shop them on the links below or directly on my Amazon Influencer page! 

Stephanie-Final Collection-0018 (1).jpg

The first thing is something a little different... razors for your face! Yep, I've been doing an at home version of dermaplaning (using a blade to remove that baby hair and also... the best part dead skin - eww!). I am totally hooked, not only is my skin continuously glowy from exfoliation, my make up goes on smoother and better. This takes some getting used to doing, I would highly suggest watching some youtube tutorials before going down this route - but once you do I promise you'll never look back! I use the Tinkle razors and you can grab a 6 pack for under 5 bucks! 

Next up is this amazing brush rack that speaks for itself!, I've written about this before on some of my gift guides, because its just that good.  My friend Lauren first showed this to me and it totally makes cleaning your brushes a dream. Goodbye days of messed up and squished brushes! You can grab this for under $10! 

Who doesn't need a fabulous mirror with lights! You guys. Prepare yourselves before you look in a mirror with magnification - sometimes its a little scary. But this mirror is awesome because it folds up for easy countertop storage and is a great size for tweezing your eyebrows, dermaplaning or just applying makeup in general! This one also comes in a pretty rose gold color! You can grab this one for under $30. 

These double-ended tweezers are the thing you never thought you needed - they are so functional and practical - I love them. They're a little funky to get used to using but I love having one tool that can serve a few purposes. I got a different brand in an ipsy bag originally but replaced them with these! Having a sharp and a slant edge in one is awesome (also great for travel!) - they're under $10 so way cheaper than the "name" brand tweezers too! 

Last but certainly not least... a dedicated pair of scissors for your eyelash strips! I used to keep just a random pair in my drawer but got grossed out at the idea of using the same ones for something I put on my eyes as scissors I used to cut off tags, open packages etc. I now keep a pair just like this dedicated to my false eyelashes! I love the pink handle - so you can tell what they are for. The small size is great too for those precise cuts! These will set you back $6! 

What are some of your favorite beauty tools or hacks? Leave me some in the comments below!