Thankful Thursday

I have so many things to be thankful for in my life, it would be impossible to list them here. I think one amazing way to express gratitude is to give back to those who need it most. 

I thought I would start a semi regular installment of ways to give back both locally in my San Diego community but also nationally/globally. For this first post I chose three charities that mean a lot to me for various reasons. 

1. Thrive Animal Rescue - Thrive is a local animal rescue who has a pretty amazing reach, founded by two equestrians they now work tirelessly to find forever homes for lonely shelter dogs.  They rescue mainly here locally but also are the first to act when there is a need across the country, they currently have a campaign to "Help Harvey Hounds", and are helping to clear shelter space for displaced pets.

For a relatively "small" rescue they have an amazing impact and have personally brought one of the coolest dogs ever into my life. Winston is actually my bosses dog, however Winston aka Winnie aka Winneabago aka Winnie the Pooh aka Pooh and I spend about 50+ hours a week together and he and Bones are bff's as well. 

I highly suggest you check out their current adoptables, foster programs and requests for donations. 

You can find more about Thrive at:

2.  Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE)-  I have a special connection and soft spot in my heart for FACE. Not only is the entire organization beautiful, kind compassionate animal lovers themselves but they treat their recipients with dignity and grace when helping them. You see, FACE is a bit of a different animal charity, they provide funds (money) to pet owners who are otherwise facing euthanasia due to financial constraints.

Meaning, your beloved pup was hit by a car and you don't have the exorbitant funds to plate a fracture so your only other option would be humane euthanasia - this is where FACE steps in. They provide grants to help save animals who would have a good prognosis for life with treatment. 

When working in small animal medicine I helped many of my clients apply for grants and saw first hand how special this organization is. I no longer work in that field but I do still plan to attend their amazing annual charity event "Bags & Baubles" as well as donate whenever I can. 

2017 FACE Foundation Bags & Baubles Event - Rancho Santa Fe, California 

2017 FACE Foundation Bags & Baubles Event - Rancho Santa Fe, California 

You can find more information on FACE at:

3. Lost Angels Children's Project - I first heard about LACP when I was asked to purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win an awesome car! Fast forward several years I have seen the direct impact this amazing organization has and all the wonderful people behind it. If you follow me on Instagram you saw this years build on my insta stories during Ventura Nationals - man I was sure I was going to win! 

The Lost Angels Children's Project (LACP) is a Southern California based non-profit organization with a mission to provide low-income, foster and at-risk youth with a safe, educational after-school program that promotes critical thinking and team building through vocational skills training in Classic Car Restoration and Art opportunities. LACP is committed to empowering youth through services that foster creativity and impart useful skills necessary to elevate students beyond their present condition to become positive participants in their community and transform their lives for a successful future.

For more information on LACP visit : and be sure to follow them for more information on next years build and raffle car! 

What are your favorite ways to give back? Any local organizations that you feel most passionate about? Be sure to drop them in the comments below so I can check them out!