"Literally" an expert

I think I need to start this post out by saying that it is no way shape or form directed at anyone or a specific individual. This is a general vibe I am getting across all social media platforms as well as has come up in numerous conversations with fellow bloggers and creatives.

Doesn't it seem like these days that everyone is "literally" an expert on everything? So much of my social media, and if I am honest, my daily life is filled with people telling me that they are experts on something. 

Pictured in my litersally sweatshirt, because if we cant laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at?

Pictured in my litersally sweatshirt, because if we cant laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at?

When did we become a group of self-proclaimed experts? There is no way that you went to bed and poof woke up as Oprah (and believe me, shes no expert either).

There is zero chance we ALL know how to "get perfect skin by the weekend", "get 10,000 followers in 6 days!" "manifest the income of your dreams in just 10 days!" "be debt free by Monday" and the list goes on... can you tell I'm a little heated on this subject? I am all for advertising and marketing but... where has the authenticity gone? Where has the need to show proven results gone? Are we really just a society of fake it until you make it's?

I'm so conflicted on this whole thing, on one hand, I am LOVING the confidence of everyone, yes YOU ARE A BADASS, yes you are kicking ass at your sales goals but honey, please do not tell me that you watched one webinar and now you know how to work sales funnels like a seasoned pro. 

On the other hand, I feel like the authenticity and honesty are missing from a lot of blogs/startups/ small businesses that I come across. They are filled with stock photography and canned phrases.

And... it hurts my heart, I want so badly for everyone around me to be happy and successful and it seems like we are in this perpetual loop of unhappiness unless we are an expert on something. 

My hope is that anyone reading my blogs experiences the same me as you would in person, via text, on Instagram etc. While I am sure many many many "experts" would tell me that that is the wrong thing to do, I cant be anything other than myself.

Literally. Can't. Even. (sorry couldn't resist that one!) 


Four fabulous ladies to follow this Friday!

The women I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong and they handled it. They handled it a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

People come into our lives in all ways, for all reasons. Last night I was thinking about how many wonderful people have come into my life. Some years and years ago and some very recently. I have rounded up several women who I think others would enjoy knowing as well, even if just online. These ladies all have blogs or businesses that are all about self love, empowerment and being general badasses - so without further adieu. I give you... 

1. Cara Alwill Leyba - You might know Cara best as The Champagne Diet. I first "met" Cara in 2012??? (The OG Champagne Diet days) and have since watched her take over the world. Cara is the kindest person and also so inspirational in her hustle. I am friends with a few Cara's and my husband affectionately calls her Champagne SoulCycle to clarify which Cara I am talking about, and if that doesn't describe her I don't know what does! 

She has since published 6 books (you can find them all on Amazon) with a 7th due out soon. Follow her on all her social media channels for awesome style, self care tips, life advice and so much more. 

2. Kelly Ann Gorman - Kelly is the whole package, she has so many things going I don't know how she keeps it all together - but she does with grace and style! She hosts "The Happy Workaholic Podcast" and so so so much more. Kelly also was recently diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis optica - she just finished up another round of chemo and is still producing crazy amounts of content, spreading awareness of her disease and kicking ass. 

3. Melanie Coy - I just found her adorable blog, With Love, Melanie a few weeks ago and we since have been chatting on Instagram (she seriously has the cutest feed). She is so open and honest in her blog topics and her clothes are completely on trend, yet approachable for the average shopper. It doesn't hurt that she lives in my second favorite city, Chicago. We have high hopes to meet up for a baseball game when I am there in a couple weeks! 

4. Payton Dale - Celebrity Stylist, author, model and body positive activist - Payton has an awesome style of her own and is always doing something amazing. I worked with Payton to revamp my closet a little and she was spot on. She indulges me in my love of Gucci cross-bodies and shares a common obsession with her adorable dogs as I do to Bones. Payton's book Hang up Your Hangups is available here on amazon or directly from her - pick this up for yourself, all your friends, daughters, nieces etc.  

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!