I believe in you.

I am a big believer of things coming to you right when you need them. This morning while driving to work I decided to forgo my normal podcast/talk radio/news and just hit random on my Pandora. I'm noticing more and more how the chatter even if well intended can throw me off in the mornings. 

Don Williams had just the message I needed this morning (and if I didnt lose you over the weekend with my hatred of pumpkin spice anything, I might today with my excessive devotion to classic country) in the lyrics of "I Believe in You". 

I believe in you. 

Such simple words, but how often do we hear that from others? Do we ever say it to ourselves? 

If not, you should. And if you haven't heard it lately - I, Stephanie Lynn Lassalle, believe in YOU. 


xoxo| SLL

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