Mid Week Slump?

We've all been there... That feeling when you get up in the morning and go, crap is it really only Wednesday? We've all seen the advertisements and memes celebrating hump day, celebrating we've made it halfway to the weekend.

But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if with a few shifts in routine and perspective you were able to wake up Wednesday morning and go "look at all the things I've done! I am a killing it!"

I have the resources and abilities to accomplish today sanely, safely and successfully..jpg


I've never been one for "woo woo" stuff but lately (and I wrote about it before here) I have been using some mantras and positive thought exercises in my daily routine. The one I keep going back to that keeps me grounded yet energizes me is "I have the ability, resources, and determination to accomplish my goals sanely, safely and successfully"  and you know what? It freaking works. 

The sanely part I added because I felt like I was driving my self, batshit crazy, with all of the things I was lacking or not doing. Did I publish that blog post? Did I schedule time for photos? Did I actually press send on that email at work? My mind was continually racing. 

The safely part encourages me to take care of myself and those around me, I consider eating right and taking care of my body part of the safety mantra.

And well successfully... that's the goal, right? To get to a point where our days are successful, we close our eyes feeling fulfilled and content not worrying about the should have and would have and didn't do's. 

I've also been getting up 10-15 minutes earlier midweek (which let me tell you is not such an easy thing when you already get up reeeeeeeeeeallly early)  and knocking out something that I don't particularly enjoy doing... this morning I sorted the laundry and started a load. I also stopped at the grocery store on the way to work instead of tired and hangry on the way home. I feel like it really sets you up for productivity knowing you've already jumpstarted your day.

So tell me, are you a lover or a hater of Wednesdays? What do you do to avoid that mid-week slump?  An extra shot of espresso? A super hot shower that maybe lasts 10 minutes longer? Meditation? A mantra?