trust your neighbors, but brand your cattle...

Have you ever heard the phrase "trust your neighbor, but brand your cattle"?

No? Well, now you have! 

I saw this pop up on a t-shirt as one of those facebook ads and it really got me thinking about what is currently going on in my life, this blog and what I want everything to be moving forward. I know, inspiration comes from the weirdest places right?

I started this blog as a platform to share my tips, tricks, and ideas with a larger audience. I was constantly being asked these kinds of things, so I thought why not share them all in one spot. Don't get me wrong, that's what I've been doing and what I will continue to do...but... I lost sight of what I wanted this to be, and who I am. 

So where does the stolen cattle part come in?

You see, I got wrapped up in an end goal and forgot to enjoy the process. I thought I needed experts and gurus and people with many more followers to tell me what to do. I trusted many of the wrong people, who eventually stole my cattle... not following?

I started to listen to people who I thought were my friends/collaborators/contributors (bad neighbors) and the ended up doing me wrong (stealing my cattle), instead of trusting my gut. My instinct was that I was on a good path and that I just needed to stay my course. But I totally forgot to listen to her, and instead was looking for greener pastures. (ok I promise to cut down on the cow references soon...)

The past few months you may or may not have noticed has had some different types of content from me, some I love (been pinching myself with some of the brands I have been able to work with!) and some I cringe at.  I've been spending a ton of time helping others build their brands, Instagrams, blogs etc for free- because I thought they would do the same. They didn't, nor ever had plans to. I was focusing on promoting other people instead of myself, I thought if I do this for them, they will surely do this for me if/when I need them? Wrong. 

Meanwhile, my super genuine and awesome friends (good neighbors)and collaborators were feeling left out and isolated from me - this I am very sorry for. I was putting my eggs in the wrong basket (cows in the wrong herd?... sorry, sorry...)

Don't worry - I eventually pulled my head out of my ass got my cows back and am feeling more inspired than ever! Notice how you've had a fresh blog 3 days in a row now? 

Dom helped me completely redesign our guest room into the new Bubble & Bones headquarters (ironically enough I type this from my new desk which sits right on top of a beautiful cowhide rug). I have a place to write and create content that feels inspiring and right, something I am very grateful for. Full details on the new space coming soon! 

I hope this blog inspires some of you to trust your gut, stay your course. You're doing awesome. 



Sunday blues & panic attacks.

Hello gorgeous friends! 

I hope you all had a most fabulous Sunday and are feeling rested and recharged for the week! But chances are you have a serious case of the Sunday blues (as I frequently do!). And thats ok. Its really really ok. 

Life has a cycle to it and often our ideas and ideals don't quite line up to the cycles of the world, we just need to be prepared and to create the lives we want so that our natural cycles can align with the cycles of the world as well. 

I had a really really bad day today. And a really really good day. 

I had two panic attacks, yep two. And you know what? They were both completely 100% avoidable! (disclosure, I've had panic attacks and been diagnosed with a panic disorder for about 15 years now... and been through tons of therapy and different medications to deal with them - so when I say they are avoidable I feel they are situation induced, situations I know better than to put myself into)

 They both stemmed from my eternal and internal self doubt. I like many others suffer from never feeling like enough. My house wasn't clean enough, big enough or designed to perfection, I wasn't skinny enough, my make up wasn't right and I had no cute outfits. (sounding familiar yet?) 

And you know what? They were both completely unfounded. I know that doesn't help in the moment but I am hoping to use in as a learning tool for myself in the future. 

My house was fine, I had a cute outfit (and ended up not shooting with the photographer anyway) - but you know what I ended up doing? 

Having a most fabulous evening with my husband dining on Italian food al fresco! We even stopped for cold pressed juices to start our week off on a good foot. 

I hope that these kind of blogs reach the people they should and that you all know we are in this together. Keep your chins up badasses, you are all fighting your own amazing battles and I am so proud of all of you. 

Dont be afraid of Monday, I'm here with you.