Sunday blues & panic attacks.

Hello gorgeous friends! 

I hope you all had a most fabulous Sunday and are feeling rested and recharged for the week! But chances are you have a serious case of the Sunday blues (as I frequently do!). And thats ok. Its really really ok. 

Life has a cycle to it and often our ideas and ideals don't quite line up to the cycles of the world, we just need to be prepared and to create the lives we want so that our natural cycles can align with the cycles of the world as well. 

I had a really really bad day today. And a really really good day. 

I had two panic attacks, yep two. And you know what? They were both completely 100% avoidable! (disclosure, I've had panic attacks and been diagnosed with a panic disorder for about 15 years now... and been through tons of therapy and different medications to deal with them - so when I say they are avoidable I feel they are situation induced, situations I know better than to put myself into)

 They both stemmed from my eternal and internal self doubt. I like many others suffer from never feeling like enough. My house wasn't clean enough, big enough or designed to perfection, I wasn't skinny enough, my make up wasn't right and I had no cute outfits. (sounding familiar yet?) 

And you know what? They were both completely unfounded. I know that doesn't help in the moment but I am hoping to use in as a learning tool for myself in the future. 

My house was fine, I had a cute outfit (and ended up not shooting with the photographer anyway) - but you know what I ended up doing? 

Having a most fabulous evening with my husband dining on Italian food al fresco! We even stopped for cold pressed juices to start our week off on a good foot. 

I hope that these kind of blogs reach the people they should and that you all know we are in this together. Keep your chins up badasses, you are all fighting your own amazing battles and I am so proud of all of you. 

Dont be afraid of Monday, I'm here with you.