On Kate Spade... what we need to talk about while leaving a little sparkle wherever we go

When I was 13 years old my Mom, after much begging and pleading and my promises of good grades, clean rooms, walked dogs etc purchased me my first "real" bag. It was brown with pink and white polka dots, purchased from the "big girl" counter at Nordstrom - and it was Kate Spade. 

I know I am not the only woman in her early 30's to have this experience. The iconic brand is one I've carried throughout my life, I've carried her bags to the first day of high school, graduations, birthdays, funerals, galas and to the movies. I've purchased them as gifts to make someone smile. The quirky and sparkly brand reflected its creator, the true Kate Spade. When I heard of her suicide this morning, it hit me pretty hard. Here was someone I had never met who apparently "had it all" - money, success, a family yet that wasn't enough. She was fighting a battle none of us knew about.

I have to hope that she knew of the impact the sayings, the glitter, the "pop - fizz- clink" of it all had on a generation of women. Regardless of your opinion of the styles, you have to admit and respect the impact she has had. She personally wore big glasses, bright colors and had a pretty badass attitude (at least from the press and media I have seen of her over the years) - something that I always loved about her. 

While today I carried a Louis Vuitton neverfull to work, (also a very significant bag in my life) I can't help but think back to that brown polka dot bag that started it all for me. I want to thank Kate for always inspiring women to "leave a little sparkle" where ever they go - and hope that her death can somehow be turned into a teachable and inspiring moment for our generation

WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH.- We have to learn to be kinder to each other. We have to learn to support each other, not just when things are covered in glitter, but when they are dark and dirty and uncomfortable. Stop the glamor of being too busy or too important for someone. Reach out one extra time, ask how someone is really doing, and maybe we can make a little difference - while leaving a little sparkle where ever we go. 

If you are reading this, and you ever need someone to talk to - ever- please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I always want this to be a safe space for anyone who needs it.

 If you or anyone you know needs someone to talk to, please contact The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline via web: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org or call them at 1-800-273-8255 – it is 100% free and available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Rest peacefully, Kate. 





Farmers Market Finds with Gozon Boutique!

There is no question that I am addicted to online shopping (specifically women’s trendy clothes via my favorite online boutique gozon.com), maxi dresses (even better if they have pockets) farmers markets and easy weekends.  So imagine my delight in sharing ALL FOUR with you!

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

If you have no idea what I am talking about or don’t follow me on Instagram (hey! Why don’t you?) I’ve partnered with Gozon.com to bring you a few of my favorite pieces from their newest release, as well as walk you through my farmer’s market process!  And let me tell you… it’s a process.

There are a few things you MUST have ready.

1.       Shopping tote – you don’t want to be the one asking for a plastic bag (I promise)

2.       Sunglasses – its bright out there!

3.       Sunhat – protect that skin girl! 

4.       Comfy yet cute clothes for walking around in (and snapping that cute insta!)

A few other things before you head out… for sure bring cash. You can always get a better deal and while most merchants take cards, some don’t.  I personally love supporting local businesses which is one of the reasons I try to get as much as I can at the farmers market. I love getting fresh flowers, my produce and even some of my household goods knowing it's supporting someone locally. This is the same reason I love supporting Gozon, they are headquartered right here in Southern California. In addition to their offices being here, they work closely with other LOCAL business to get the newest styles.

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

My next tip is going EARLY! I love being the one of the first people there in the mornings. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. I also like going before the day heats up, like last week when this black maxi dress was the perfect choice, it was so hot! This dress is so versatile you could really wear it anywhere. It’s an amazing quality of soft cotton, has pockets (have I said how much I love dresses with pockets?!?) and is long enough for my tallness. I love how all of their pieces are true to size.  You don’t have to order a medium in one thing and an XL in another. I’ve been really impressed with the affordability of each item as well.

So once you’ve gotten there early, in your cute maxi dress and hit the ATM… what’s next?

I like to go in a pretty systematic order so that things in my bag don’t get all smushed! I told you this was a process! First I start with the more hearty produce, the stuff I want at the bottom of my bag. I’ve also been known to grab some fresh pizza dough or cheeses at the start. So once I have my onions, zucchini and stuff like that I head to the more delicate things. I ALWAYS get tomatoes and berries when they are in season. On my way out of the market I stop to get fresh flowers, usually from the same vendor. I love having flowers in my home as much as possible – they cheer me up daily.

Once I finish up at the market I generally head home, drop off the perishables and pick up my husband for some brunch. Last weekend I added in a quick change to this AMAZING striped dress because I wasn’t sure if we’d have time to come back home before heading to a friend’s BBQ. This dress will be a staple for me this summer as its super easy to dress up or down. Add on a statement necklace for date night with some wedges – or with a cute pair of sandals for a BBQ like I did!

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

(just click this photo to shop this look!)

Be sure to check out their website for all of your online shopping needs (I would sign up for their newsletter too –  you’ll want to be the first to know when new styles are released! I seriously have been so happy with every one of my orders, and lucky for you they’ve provided me with a coupon code for all my followers! Just enter BUBBLESANDBONES15 at check out.






This post was sponsored by gozon.com, all opinions are completely my own based on my experience. This post contains affiliate links. 


Its been a while! My newest must have travel items!

Hi Friends! 

I am so sorry I have been MIA for a bit, I was hit with a nasty bug and then we took a couple fabulous trips back to back! Now that we're settled back in I promise to get back to our regularly scheduled programming! 

I wanted to jump on quickly and share a couple random things I have loving lately while traveling. 

First up - with tons of airline travel recently I never realized what a difference good headphones made. Oh how much I was missing out on! I enjoyed three in-flight movies, a few podcasts, and a few albums while I read all while blocking out the terrible airline noise and without hurting my little ears! I have the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Rose Gold, and while a bit of investment at $219.99 I cant imagine traveling without them. 

Next up - these fabulous tennies that I never want to take off! I knew with all the walking we would be doing I needed something supportive and comfortable but I also wanted something that would be cute! I am pretty loyal to my Chuck Taylors but... my feet aren't what they used to be!

I found these New Balance "Fule Core NERGIZE" in light grey and thought they would be perfect. They come in a ton of colors, I am thinking of picking up the light purple next for spring! Or maybe the mint... or the navy... At $65.00 you dont have to feel guilty about grabbing a couple pairs! 

Lastly, this awesome lotion/moisturizer all in one. This "body stick" was awesome to travel with - I didn't have to worry about lotion leaking in my bag. It was TSA approved and worked like a champ. ITs a mix of coconut, olive oil and vitamin E in a deodorant-like stick. Perfect to rub on your hands and elbows on a long flight (I even put it around my eyes!). I will for sure be keeping one of these in my carry on moving forward! 

What are some of your favorite things to travel with? Drop them in the comments below! 


As always you can find these things in my Amazon store for easy shopping! Just head to www.amazon.com/shop/bubblesandbones to check out these and some of my other favorites! 

trust your neighbors, but brand your cattle...

Have you ever heard the phrase "trust your neighbor, but brand your cattle"?

No? Well, now you have! 

I saw this pop up on a t-shirt as one of those facebook ads and it really got me thinking about what is currently going on in my life, this blog and what I want everything to be moving forward. I know, inspiration comes from the weirdest places right?

I started this blog as a platform to share my tips, tricks, and ideas with a larger audience. I was constantly being asked these kinds of things, so I thought why not share them all in one spot. Don't get me wrong, that's what I've been doing and what I will continue to do...but... I lost sight of what I wanted this to be, and who I am. 

So where does the stolen cattle part come in?

You see, I got wrapped up in an end goal and forgot to enjoy the process. I thought I needed experts and gurus and people with many more followers to tell me what to do. I trusted many of the wrong people, who eventually stole my cattle... not following?

I started to listen to people who I thought were my friends/collaborators/contributors (bad neighbors) and the ended up doing me wrong (stealing my cattle), instead of trusting my gut. My instinct was that I was on a good path and that I just needed to stay my course. But I totally forgot to listen to her, and instead was looking for greener pastures. (ok I promise to cut down on the cow references soon...)

The past few months you may or may not have noticed has had some different types of content from me, some I love (been pinching myself with some of the brands I have been able to work with!) and some I cringe at.  I've been spending a ton of time helping others build their brands, Instagrams, blogs etc for free- because I thought they would do the same. They didn't, nor ever had plans to. I was focusing on promoting other people instead of myself, I thought if I do this for them, they will surely do this for me if/when I need them? Wrong. 

Meanwhile, my super genuine and awesome friends (good neighbors)and collaborators were feeling left out and isolated from me - this I am very sorry for. I was putting my eggs in the wrong basket (cows in the wrong herd?... sorry, sorry...)

Don't worry - I eventually pulled my head out of my ass got my cows back and am feeling more inspired than ever! Notice how you've had a fresh blog 3 days in a row now? 

Dom helped me completely redesign our guest room into the new Bubble & Bones headquarters (ironically enough I type this from my new desk which sits right on top of a beautiful cowhide rug). I have a place to write and create content that feels inspiring and right, something I am very grateful for. Full details on the new space coming soon! 

I hope this blog inspires some of you to trust your gut, stay your course. You're doing awesome. 



Amazon Echo & Alexa Review!

I am usually a late adopter, a marketing term for the type of person that is going to purchase a product after its proven and experienced by the early adopters. Call me a skeptic, call me whatever but until I get my hands on it or someone I know has their hands on it I tend to avoid it... 

Insert the Amazon Alexa - I thought it was intrusive and weird. I didn't want something listening to me, and I should note, I still don't, I have one in a room that is way less likely to listen to my convos then other places. 

I finally got one, today. And since - I've ordered groceries, played my favorite tunes, and had the weather read to me... wtf was I doing without one? For real? 

So far so good on Miss Alexa - what was I waiting for? I went with the Echo which is currently on sale  for $85.00 and is just as good of a speaker as my Sonos has been (approx 200 and works similarly but only music from an app)  to add to my new home office!

To buy yours click here: http://amzn.to/2CyauxY


What is something you avoided but you can't live without now? Leave it in the comments below! 



Sunday blues & panic attacks.

Hello gorgeous friends! 

I hope you all had a most fabulous Sunday and are feeling rested and recharged for the week! But chances are you have a serious case of the Sunday blues (as I frequently do!). And thats ok. Its really really ok. 

Life has a cycle to it and often our ideas and ideals don't quite line up to the cycles of the world, we just need to be prepared and to create the lives we want so that our natural cycles can align with the cycles of the world as well. 

I had a really really bad day today. And a really really good day. 

I had two panic attacks, yep two. And you know what? They were both completely 100% avoidable! (disclosure, I've had panic attacks and been diagnosed with a panic disorder for about 15 years now... and been through tons of therapy and different medications to deal with them - so when I say they are avoidable I feel they are situation induced, situations I know better than to put myself into)

 They both stemmed from my eternal and internal self doubt. I like many others suffer from never feeling like enough. My house wasn't clean enough, big enough or designed to perfection, I wasn't skinny enough, my make up wasn't right and I had no cute outfits. (sounding familiar yet?) 

And you know what? They were both completely unfounded. I know that doesn't help in the moment but I am hoping to use in as a learning tool for myself in the future. 

My house was fine, I had a cute outfit (and ended up not shooting with the photographer anyway) - but you know what I ended up doing? 

Having a most fabulous evening with my husband dining on Italian food al fresco! We even stopped for cold pressed juices to start our week off on a good foot. 

I hope that these kind of blogs reach the people they should and that you all know we are in this together. Keep your chins up badasses, you are all fighting your own amazing battles and I am so proud of all of you. 

Dont be afraid of Monday, I'm here with you. 




Professional teeth whitening without leaving home? Sign me up!

I once heard that a smile speaks all languages and have always loved that sentiment. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what language you speak – your smile can speak to anyone!

Being in front of the camera can be difficult and has certainly made me more self-aware about a lot of things since beginning this blogging adventure! One of which was my smile – I am a big coffee drinker and I noticed that my smile wasn’t as bright or white as I wanted it to be! I had done several at home options including the messy strips and walking around with a weird light in my mouth. Nothing seemed to really give me the boost I was looking for.

It seems that yet again something found me right when I needed it. Smile Brilliant reached out to me and I was instantly intrigued! You mean I could have a completely custom and professional teeth whitening kit without leaving my house? Sign. Me. Up.  You guys know that I am always honest with you for my reviews, and while I received this kit for free the opinions expressed are completely my own, and authentic!

smile 3.jpg

I was eager to get started with the process and was excited that my impression kit arrived super-fast – after doing a quick questionnaire about my teeth and history they shipped it right out. The kit arrived with everything I needed to do to make my impressions and also came with a pre-addressed and prepaid envelope to send them back to the lab (did I mention you also get cool email updates during the whole process?) I tracked those babies like my life depended on it!  Dom helped me make my impressions – I would highly recommend you have someone there to help you – even if it’s just to pass you a paper towel. He also thought it was hilarious that I couldn’t talk for a few minutes… married life.

My trays arrived after about a week and I got started whitening right away, I don’t think I even I bothered to put my purse down before I opened the package! They come in a little case that is perfect to travel with or pop in your purse (I loved to whiten on the way to work in the mornings!).

I was really worried about sensitivity but Smile Brilliant has literally thought of everything. Not only is their customer service a wealth of information, your kit comes with tons of information and instructions. I felt comfortable during the entire process and saw results within 3 treatments. Your kit comes with syringes of whitener and syringes of desensitizing gel for you to use after your treatments. Each syringe lasts 3-4 treatments. The trays are totally clear and barely noticeable when in (I may or may not have attended a few meetings with them in).  I loved the portability and ease of use that came with this product.

I couldn’t wait for this blog to come out and have been telling everyone I know about it and making them look at my before pictures and then smiling like a crazy person at them!   


I am now a few weeks into the treatment and still seeing positive results. You can see from my before and after photos (that I am so glad I took!) what a difference that I’ve already experienced. I have had NO sensitivity to my teeth or gums, something I certainly cannot say about my previous teeth whitening adventures!

I am so excited to be able to partner on GIVEAWAY for a free whitening kit! EVERYONE, you must enter!

Simply click the link below to enter! Winner will be picked by February 21st. 


Don't want to wait for the giveaway (I wouldn't blame you!) use my code bubblesandbones15 for 15% off your purchase! 

Happy whitening! And don’t forget to #smilefearlessly



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Amazon beauty tool favorites!

Hey babes! 

Sorry for the delay - this post has been a few days coming! Bones and I have been busy rounding up our favorite beauty tools and devices that you can grab on Amazon prime! You can shop them on the links below or directly on my Amazon Influencer page! 

Stephanie-Final Collection-0018 (1).jpg

The first thing is something a little different... razors for your face! Yep, I've been doing an at home version of dermaplaning (using a blade to remove that baby hair and also... the best part dead skin - eww!). I am totally hooked, not only is my skin continuously glowy from exfoliation, my make up goes on smoother and better. This takes some getting used to doing, I would highly suggest watching some youtube tutorials before going down this route - but once you do I promise you'll never look back! I use the Tinkle razors and you can grab a 6 pack for under 5 bucks! 

Next up is this amazing brush rack that speaks for itself!, I've written about this before on some of my gift guides, because its just that good.  My friend Lauren first showed this to me and it totally makes cleaning your brushes a dream. Goodbye days of messed up and squished brushes! You can grab this for under $10! 

Who doesn't need a fabulous mirror with lights! You guys. Prepare yourselves before you look in a mirror with magnification - sometimes its a little scary. But this mirror is awesome because it folds up for easy countertop storage and is a great size for tweezing your eyebrows, dermaplaning or just applying makeup in general! This one also comes in a pretty rose gold color! You can grab this one for under $30. 

These double-ended tweezers are the thing you never thought you needed - they are so functional and practical - I love them. They're a little funky to get used to using but I love having one tool that can serve a few purposes. I got a different brand in an ipsy bag originally but replaced them with these! Having a sharp and a slant edge in one is awesome (also great for travel!) - they're under $10 so way cheaper than the "name" brand tweezers too! 

Last but certainly not least... a dedicated pair of scissors for your eyelash strips! I used to keep just a random pair in my drawer but got grossed out at the idea of using the same ones for something I put on my eyes as scissors I used to cut off tags, open packages etc. I now keep a pair just like this dedicated to my false eyelashes! I love the pink handle - so you can tell what they are for. The small size is great too for those precise cuts! These will set you back $6! 

What are some of your favorite beauty tools or hacks? Leave me some in the comments below! 



Casual Valentines Day Looks & Day Dates!

I always like the idea of planning something lavish for Valentines Day, but then the reality of the day sinks in... its a weeknight, everywhere is crowded, flowers are 10times the price and you're kind of over it... well at least that's how it is in our house. Now don't get me wrong, my husband pulls out lavish romantic gestures on the regular. But Valentine's Day just isnt our thing. 


This weekend we decided to take a little day date and have a nice relaxing lunch at one of our favorites and then wander around downtown Carlsbad. The date was rounded out with a super romantic time at the bar, the genius bar that is. My phone sadly decided it no longer wanted to play and therefore for Valentines Day I became the proud new owner of the iPhone 8+. (Hey at least its something gold right?!?) 

Anyway... Day dates are some of our favorites. They can be spontaneous or they can be planned out. They are awesome for when you're on a bit of a budget,  and I would imagine easier to ditch the kids. 

My top 5 Daytime Dates!

1. Outdoor brunch/lunch followed by a stroll around town. This is an awesome way to explore a new part or neighborhood in your city! 

2. Take a class together! Many local cooking stores (we love Sur La Table!) offer cooking classes, your local community college or community center should also have tons of options! 

3. Do a little DIY! Have a project at home you guys have been putting off? Crank your favorite tunes, open a bottle of wine and get that bathroom painted. Change your mindset and make it fun. 

4. Museums/Aquariums - we happen to live in a city full of beautiful options, if you dont, dont worry! A local art gallery or music store can easily do the trick! 

5. Take a drive and point out all the fun places you've been together. Even better? Let the passenger control the radio and make a playlist of your love story! 

We found the most amazing new donut shop on State Street in Carlsbad - called "The Goods" be sure to stop in and grab some if you're around. We took these home and had them for dessert after a dinner party! They even have vegan options on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

We found the most amazing new donut shop on State Street in Carlsbad - called "The Goods" be sure to stop in and grab some if you're around. We took these home and had them for dessert after a dinner party! They even have vegan options on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Just because you're heading out during the day doesn't mean you cant dress the part! I've rounded up my favorite casual valentines day looks including this fun LOVE top I wore on Saturday!

A cute graphic t-shirt and some comfy jeans are the perfect combo for your casual and fun day! The best part? They're all under $20 & ship on prime so you'll have them in no time! 

Head on over to my Amazon List to shop my picks - let me know your favorites! Click HERE to shop!